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I don't want to start this blogpost with a gushing rant because, all in all, things are thumbs up. Actually if I had three thumbs I would put three up. I will have to make do so two thumbs and an index finger up! Can I still have a mini-rant? Real quick? Thanks. I hate laptops. I hate laptops for breaking down. I hate crap repair services. I will get the little runts who have left me three weeks without my connection to the world but it was actually quite nice, to be fair, to have a break from the online world. I wonder how many words of vital wisdom I missed from all the twitter gurus? Sorry, back to my rant, I will conclude with an "arrggghhh" because it all happened in a time that we had lots to tell. End of rant. In case you're wondering, I am now writing from my brother's 2006 brick that he calls a laptop. They don't make them like they used to, hey? Right, Billi, tell the good folk what is happening! Shall we do pointers? Nice and neat, yeah?

  • Its Not Me Its You, Man! - Our men's range will be launched, right here on the website, on the 23rd of November. Yep, we are good to go. Manbags, iPad cases, travelcard holders, belts, coin "purses", and more. All in Italian leather and all with new man slogans.
  • East London Design Show - the next blogpost (tomorrow, I reckon, as my brother will be watching the football and so I will stay the night here and take advantage of his "laptop" tomorrow and write more) will be all about the very important show that will be held in the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane between the 5th and the 8th of December. It is the 20th year of this great show and where we started (publicly) a year ago. I want to give a big hello to Gideon, who is the webmaster of the ELDS. He is doing a great job!
  • Waterproof totes - yes, we have gone out of the realm of Italian leather a bit and have come up with a rain-proof bag. These will also be launched right here online - yes, a little exclusive for you, the faithful - next week.
  • For those of you who didn't know, we have started doing iPhone (4&5) cases and the response has been massive, have you all started with the £20-limit Christmas presents for siblings? Just so you know, we are still in November and check this!

So that is the rundown (finally, and give me back my damn laptop so I can keep things updated you big-name crappy tech shop! Sorry, ranting again!). Ah, my laptop is back next Tuesday.

We shall hear from each other tomorrow as I will blog about all the ins and outs of the East London Design Show, si si?




Written by Billi Trentin — November 09, 2013

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Its Not Me Its You is a brand of leather stuff to carry other stuff, made and printed by hand in East London. Each piece comes with a slogan. Set up in late 2012 we pride ourselves on the quality of the leather, the craftsmanship and the foil-embossed slogans. Your bag is a statement, we believe, and with a 'Its Not Me Its You' bag you will be making that very clear for all to see. You can find us here and in Topshop (London).