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Ok, I spent the last five minutes trying to think of a title for this post. I went through the whole Christmassy thing but I am sure I will be posting before then (still 16 days to go!), so I scrapped that. Then I wanted to go the ranty route as our local post office was closed today for, get this, "industrial action". Did the government, yes them who are looking after 'the man', not just privatize that about a month ago? Can a private company strike? It's best I leave it at that. Had my post (office! Twats!) been entitled "Post rant", well, no-one likes a moaner. Then I thought about other stuff that has actually nothing to do with this post. There you have it, yes, not the most original title but to the point.

Right, we just spent the last four days at the East London Design Show. This year, for their 20th, all was moved to the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. It was pretty immense as over a hundred independents filled the stalls. I was able to get all my presents for my brothers, so tick, done! We would like to thank all who made the trek and it was a real pleasure to hear "Yeah, we came on purpose to see you guys!". What a difference a year makes! Last year - our first public outing ever - people barely sniffed at our, obviously, brilliant leathers made in London. We don't blame them, we have evolved so much since then with our techniques, our vision. Well, yeah, things have moved very forward.

Before I post a photo of the stand we had, I want you to know that tomorrow we will be putting up 66 new bits onto the site. The breakdown is:

26 coinpurses
10 cardholders
7 wallets
6 iPhone cases
6 envelopes
4 washbags 
2 crossbodies
1 rucktote


you ready? 4 of the spanking new "pouches"

So, be sure to check out the site tomorrow!

Ah, crap, yeah , here's the photo of our stand at the ELDS.



Written by Billi Trentin — December 09, 2013

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Its Not Me Its You is a brand of leather stuff to carry other stuff, made and printed by hand in East London. Each piece comes with a slogan. Set up in late 2012 we pride ourselves on the quality of the leather, the craftsmanship and the foil-embossed slogans. Your bag is a statement, we believe, and with a 'Its Not Me Its You' bag you will be making that very clear for all to see. You can find us here and in Topshop (London).