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An email received today is the thread I am pulling on to formulate this blogpost. It was not that this particular correspondence was much different from the last but it made me realise that we have been slightly autistic. That is, we have assumed that everyone understands what we are about, even the person who has discovered us, let's say, today. The last email we got went pretty much as the ones before it did, "Hey, saw one of your bags (certain colour, certain slogan) in a shop a while ago and now it's not there anymore or on your website, what can I do/is it part of last season's collection/can you make one?" I will now try to answer this Frequently Asked Question. Hold on, just had an idea, we could call it the FAQ. And maybe all sites should have a FAQ link. Man, I think I am on to something here. Why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before? 

Right, so first up, we are not a seasonal brand. Our collection is one and it grows. Some styles stick around, some don't. Some go away for a while and then come back. Some don't even make it out of the factory. We are, because we produce here in the old LDN, constantly coming up with ideas and able to make them when we want. That is, we believe, a good thing. Obviously it goes against the grain of how we, consumers, have been trained. Kitty actually has a conspiracy theory that the fashion world invented "Fashion Week" when labels discovered that production in Asia was a lot cheaper. That way designers had time to send out their drawings, get them made and shipped back to Europe before a show. Yeah, we don't do that. We make the stuff that we design. So, there is no "last season's collection" with INMIY. Just a constant evolution.

Can we make your requested piece? So far we have been pretty good at following up these queries, be it actually making the piece or finding something similar to their liking. But this all depends on the piece requested. That is, three months ago I found some charcoal leather. I loved it and bought a whole load of it and used it all up. Last week I went back to our supplier and instead of buying some charcoal I went for a very nice pink. What I am trying to say is that sometimes we simply don't have the leather to make the piece as we are trying new colours all the time. Obviously there are only so many colours, so like a roundabout they may come back. Of course, one day we hope to have children in Indonesia producing our stuff and we will be able to make-to-order. Then again, I can't see that happening. In answer, then, we will always try our best to get you your requested piece. Obviously big slogans don't fit on small pieces - and vice-versa, that is a small slogan on a big bag doesn't render - but we are in the midst of making all our slogans both sizes. Si si?

And now for the big one: "A friend of mine has (certain style) with (certain slogan) in (certain colour) and I so need it in my life right now, like!" The answer is that it could actually be a one-off. Let's look at it a little more closely. If we made only one style, in only five different colours, using only five slogans and each slogan could be embossed in five different colours. This is what happens:

The bag could be made in 125 different ways. Imagine using 13 different leathers - and to mix things up we could say that each leather has 3 different textures - the slogans become, I don't know, 15? 20? 30? and then we use ten different embossing foils. In this case, one style could be made up 5850, 7800, 11700 ways (depending on number of slogans). Obviously we don't make up every single combination - and it depends what mood Jems is in when she is making them, ha! - but, yeah, a lot of our pieces are pseudo-unique. This is something we are proud of. We started INMIY because we did not like mass-production. We are not here to change how the fashion world operates but we can quietly just get on doing things the way we think things should be done. Or rather, in a way that gives us the freedom to create and make and maybe bring a smile to your faces.

So, I hope I answered the FAQ (man, I should copyright that, or patent it, or whatever bloody made-up intellectual property right covers it!). Please, keep the emails coming as they are always a joy to read and we will, as usual, try our bestest to get you the piece you are after. With that I say buona notte e sogni d'oro!


p.s. Yes, I spend my Saturday nights blogging, don't judge me! 

Written by Billi Trentin — March 09, 2014

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Its Not Me Its You is a brand of leather stuff to carry other stuff, made and printed by hand in East London. Each piece comes with a slogan. Set up in late 2012 we pride ourselves on the quality of the leather, the craftsmanship and the foil-embossed slogans. Your bag is a statement, we believe, and with a 'Its Not Me Its You' bag you will be making that very clear for all to see. You can find us here and in Topshop (London).