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No, not jiggy! Giggy (and not in a Natasha-Giggs way - it is the one piece of common ground we all stand on here at INMIY, having a sneaky affair with your husband's brother is a no-no). What I mean is the summer has arrived, for a couple of days and then went again but then came back but, wait, nope gone again. Actually let's not call it summer, a word which brings to mind seasiding, making rose-petal perfume for your mum, the ice-cream man, and playing 'Knock Down Ginger'. Let's call it what it is: festival season, as you can count on them happening this time of year unlike the weather.

So, the news is that last weekend I was finally able to pop my 'gigging' cherry 2013. It was, like most cherry-popping, unplanned or rather, planned but turned out very different than expected. That's right, I was there to witness the Stone Roses take the stage on Friday at Finsbury Park. UN-bee-leave-a-bell! At this point I do need to underline the fact that I am a very, very big fan of these boys from Manchester, all thanks to a very much older brother who constantly listened to their tape way back in 1989. I still believe that it was at this very delicate toddler-stage that my musical taste-buds were formed. Hence, I do at times sound like a spotty, greasy teenage boy from the late 80s when I discuss music. To make it a bit clearer, if someone acts indifferently when I mention the Roses I will invariably pull a shocked face and squawk "What? You don't like the Stone Roses?". This is my reaction to only a small handful of bands. Anywho. Last Friday I was there. And they lived up to my expectations, my very high expectations. The thing is I didn't have a ticket. I had actually spent the day before, at Finsbury Park, eyeing some of the better trees to climb so as to be able to catch a glimpse of the band over that bleeding wall that they had constructed to keep people like me out. But, when I arrived on Friday, about 6ish to take to my perch, I ended up mingling with the crowds outside the venue and blagged myself a ticket. Boom! So, I had not expected to be part of the great crowd that night yet I was. So it was one of those magical nights where because you weren't expecting much they end up being absolutely brilliant because the stars align and good things happen to you, unlike New Year's Eve which is all about expectation and usually ends up a right drag. So, may the summer festivals and concerts flood me with their musical bliss as I am ready to keep on gigging! And, you know what Pringles say, once you pop you can't stop!

Ah, in other news, probably more related to our stuff to carry other stuff: we have put a new category on the site. Also, we will be adding some bee-you-tea-full wallets tomorrow.


Written by Billi Trentin — June 11, 2013

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