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It is strange. Life? Yes, that too. But strange that in the space of twenty-four hours we received the same query twice. That means, 66.66% of all queries we have had to date want to know who Billi, Jems and Kitty are and what do we look like. Yep, the only other query we have ever received was "My bff accidentally spat her bubblegum out mid-sentence and it landed in my open ruck-tote. How do I remove it from the cotton lining?". We didn't answer solely because she used the term 'bff', in accordance with article 16c of the 'International Code of People One Must Avoid'. True story. Life? Yes, that too.

My name is Billi. It is not the name my parents gave me but my younger sister. As a toddler she wasn't able to say 'Isabella'. The name stuck. I was born in London and I don't think I will ever leave. My favourite subjects at school were art and art. I wasn't any good at sport because I have uncommonly thin, weak wrists. Honest. After school I went to Cordwainers College, where they teach you all about making leather accessories (here is the link as I think it may interest some of you who are deciding what to do in life) and I followed that up with a stint at Central St. Martin's. It was at Cordwainers that I met Jems. And when I say 'met', I mean, she used to bum cigarettes off me and she was always wearing a manky old Ramones tee even though she knew none of their tunes. Just for that last reason I should have ignored her, in accordance with article 51a of the 'International Code of People One Must Avoid'*.

Jems is from a small village near Cambridge. The first time she saw a traffic light was when she moved to London to attend Cordwainers, two years after me. Hence, my closing an eye on her Ramones tee - she was just trying to adjust to city life, the poor little country mouse! She, unlike me, has strong wrists and, thus, is very good at the production side of it. She is fascinated by turquoise. I reckon, 90% of her wardrobe is some shade of blue/green. Basically the only two things not turquoise are that bloody Ramones tee and a Nirvana tee she robbed from her brother. I don't mind when she wears that one because she actually has two of their albums. She has even painted the whole inside of the factory that colour. She introduced me to Kitty.

Kitty is also from London. Jems met her at one of those warehouse parties in Hackney. Jems told me all about her and one night I, too, went along to meet the 'girl who knows everyone' - Jems' words - Miss Kitty Bow. She lived up to her name. And she likes numbers. It wasn't long before we started throwing around the idea of starting up our own little gig. I'd say we spent more time thinking and discussing about it then actually setting it up, maybe it is the fear to take the leap that holds you back. But we did jump late last year, and so far so good. So, that is all about us. I really don't like writing about us but when two-thirds of your queries wanted to know, well, my arm was twisted. My skinny, weak-wristed arm.

Below, a photo of all three of us taken last weekend at the festival. Enjoy!

Ah, again a reminder that we will be having a blog give-away coming very, very, very soon. So be sure to keep on eye on what is going on here. Si si?





* art.16c of ICPOMA states that if a person in your presence (in person, via text or online) utters either 'YOLO' or 'BFF' you are obliged to exit the scene immediately. The article was amended in late 2012 to include the terms 'amazeballs', 'epic', 'totes' and 'wow. just wow'. 'LOL' is covered in art.16b, along with 'OMG'. Phubbing is the core of art.17, which also suggests methods to annihilate the phubbing arse from your presence.

Art. 51 covers the whole category of people claiming to be more intelligent/cultured than they actually are via the use of props. Be it through the wearing of tees and other clothing (art.51a), unread books on their shelves (art.51b, a classic here would be something from the Beat Generation like On The Road or some poetry collection by Ginsberg), unseen films (art.51c)...well, you get the idea.

Written by Billi Trentin — August 08, 2013



You guys are fucking awesome!! And I hope one day to attain such awesomeness. I want one of everything on this website and fuck art. 16c of ICPOMA because your stuff is fucking epic and not just epic but #fuckingepic. Also, in real life (just as a side note) I rarely swear. The pleasure has been all mine as your gear just makes me happy. Thank you and goodbye, TJ

November 26 2015

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