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Yes, most of the fashionheads around London are doing just that 50 weeks of the year, looking for work or LFW. Which also happens to be the acronym for London Fashion Week. Yep, the two weeks of the year (February and September) the capital's fashion students get to be runners for Jean-Paul Vadaviaincúl or Roberto Conigli or some other trendsetting designer. So yes, students are technically LFW-ing all year round here in the ol' LDN!

This time round the designers will be unveiling their Spring Summer 2014. It is pretty cool how a designer gets to design a season in the same season but the year before. That is, SS14 was designed in late Spring, early Summer this year. It helps you get in the mood. But we will never get to take part in LFW. But why for Pete's sake, I hear you shout. For the very simple reason that we are not seasonal - see point 2 of our first blogpost. London has one season: grey and damp. Year in, year out. And by making a conscious choice to unshackle ourselves from the fashion calendar we have been freed to create, get inspired, make, try out, whenever and whatever we want. It does help having a small factory in the Eastend, obviously, so when I get an idea I can go straight there and get to work on it immediately with Jems.

Of course we will be spending the weekend out and about at LFW, and Kitty and myself will also be doing the rounds of Paris Fashion Week at the end of the month. Kitty has even organized a night out at La Perle Bar. Can't wait! Going on the Eurostar for the first time, too, sweet! We are doing the rounds because it is good to stay up to date in the industry you work, right? But part of me thinks the whole Fashion Week malarkey - which lasts a month at a time twice a year, if you do NY, LDN, MI and PAR and both seasons - has become a bit of a gimmick. It is the same names, the same faces in the crowd (word on the street is that, apparently, some 'celebrities' are paid to fill the front row, just what I heard), and the same old glossy-mag journalists wetting themselves over which designer did what all whilst trying to stuff our heads with what we should be wearing. It is all just a bit tedious, that's all. But they do throw some good after-parties. So bring it on, I say! The only problem is I haven't been able to get my hands on the book all the fashionheads will be raving about: Alexa Chung's "It". But I got the closest thing in high-brow literature, Fifty Shades of Grey, so I should be alright.  


In other news, I popped into Topshop this morning and all is looking well, lots of nice stuff on display on our pegs. Jems, who is living it large in Mexico at the moment, is back in action from next Monday and just in time as we have been invited to a special little venue on the 22nd September in Brick Lane to display our stuff, but more about that in my next post, si si? So, as usual, stay tuned!


Written by Billi Trentin — September 11, 2013

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